Broomhill Riding Centre Staff



Hilary Stewart.  1981 - 2018

Has always and will forever remain the beating heart of Broomhill.  


B.H.S.I.I & Scottish young instructor of the year award 2004, PC accredited.

Hilary has grown up and worked within the family business at Broomhill since she was in her teens, before furthering her education at Oatridge Agricultural College. Alongside teaching and gaining her qualifications, she worked for a year at a large stud farm in Canada and the U.S as a groom on a race-track.
Hilary has since been very busy teaching all ages and stages whilst setting up the Pony Club which is now a huge part of Broomhill and one of the biggest Centre Pony Clubs in the North.





Gillian Fea:  B.H.S.  1, 2 and 3, PTT, PC accredited, TRSS ride leader and first aid, RDA Group Coach


Gill has been heavily involved in the equine industry from a young age. She has been at Broomhill for 10 years and has buit up a strong client base. Little ones love her for her enthusiastic, educational yet creative side (yes, she has been known to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow once or twice!) and she relates her knowledge well to her adult riders.  Recently gaining her RDA Group coach, Gill really enjoys her work with the RDA, watching our riders grow and the positive impact riding can create for them.






Head yardy: Laura-Jane, better known as "LJ"!

HND Equine studies, TRSS ride leader, First aid, Stage 2 and ukcc coaching certificate.

LJ is the cheery face who meets and greets clients on a daily basis. LJ deals with a whole range of responsibilities on the yard (farrier, vet, catching, grooming, feeding, taking out treks/hacks, jumping on the muck heap etc etc!!) LJ always has the horses and ponies best interests at heart and her relaxed yet conscientious approach makes her an invaluable part of our team.






Super Yardy Abbie Macalister

TRSS ride leader, first Aid, BHS Stage 1

Abbie is a pleasure to have on and around the farm, carrying out day to day activities such as feeding, mucking out, getting the ponies ready, taking hacks and treks and meeting and greeting our clients. She is always busy on the yard and spends every spare second cleaning or tidying.  We love her :)  









Cara Jane Macfarlane

First aid, BHS AI, Stage 4


Cara has been a member of our team for many years teaching both adults and children at various stages in their riding education. 

She is an extrememly knowledgable instructor/coach and is brilliant for gaining confidence pushing you on to reach your goals.




Maggie Wylie

BHS AI, First aid, Pony club acredited, UKCC SJ 1 & 2


Maggie has been a member of the team for several years teaching Broomhill lessons and Riding for the Disabled, imparting her vast knowledge in dressage and showjumping to both children and adults alike.  


We are very lucky to have Maggie on the team in between running her own yard/competitions/clinics and working at Eden Court Theatre.






Anna Ainsley

BHS Stage 1, TRSS ride leader, first aid


Anna has been with us for several years now and is a highly valued member of the weekend team, working in and around her college course and activities.

Sensible, Friendly and approachable, Anna is a fantastic asset to the yard, meeting & greeting, taking out hacks and treks and having great fun with the pony club games team training on a monday night.




Bridget Ogle

BHS AI, fist aid and RDA group coach


Last but not least, we have Bridget Ogle. 

One of the newest members of our team, if you are looking to ease yourself back into the saddle or have had a knock to your confidence, Bridget is your woman.

Often spotted on the yard with her two horses, Bramble (pictured) and her new addition Pebbles and not forgetting her 3 tiny but rediculously gorgeous mini shetland ponies :)










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